Glossary of Energy Related Terms

1P reserves Proved hydrocarbon reserves
2P reserves Proved and probable reserves
3P reserves Proved, probable and possible reserves
Abandoned A dry hole or a closed well
Bbl Barrels
Bbl/d Barrels per day
Bcf Billion cubic feet
Bcfd Billion cubic feet per day
Boe Barrel of oil equivalent
Boed Barrels of oil equivalent per day
Bopd Barrels of oil per day
Blow Out Preventer (BOP) Heavy-duty valves used to stop high-pressure oil or gas flowing from the well hole during drilling operations
Casing Steel pipes screwed together to line the inside of a well bore and cemented in place
Choke Jaws used to adjust and control the amount of oil or gas flowing from a well
CBM Coal bed methane
CSG Coal seam gas
CTL Coal to liquids
Drill string A column of drill pipe lengths screwed together
Dry hole A well without significant hydrocarbon reserves
Dry Gas Natural gas having no liquid hydrocarbons
Drill Stem Test (DST) A testing procedure to determine the fluid content of a reservoir and its ability to produce
FID Final Investment Decision
FPSO Floating Storage Production and Offtake Vessel
Liquefied natural gas (LNG) Natural gas cooled to -260° F at atmospheric pressure for converting into liquid form for effective transportation
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) A natural hydrocarbon fuel contain propane and butane
MMbbl Million barrels
MMboe Million barrels of oil equivalent
Mmbopd Million barrels of oil per day
Mmcf Million cubic feet
Mmcfd Million cubic feet per day
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
PSC Production Sharing Contract
GTL Gas to liquids
Seismic survey A method of determining sub-surface features by sending chock waves into rock layers and measuring the time it takes to return to the surface
Spud To begin the well drilling process
Syngas Gas derived from burning coal underground or in a container
Tcf Trillion cubic feet
UCG Underground coal gasification
UCTL Underground coal conversion to liquids


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