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Since its beginnings in the late 1970s, the Australian gas industry has become one of the world’s major producers and exporters of gas. Gas is estimated to represent 23 per cent of world energy supplies anticipated to grow to 29 per cent by 2020.

Australia was the third largest Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) producer in the Asia-Pacific region and the fifth largest liquid natural gas producer in the world, exporting 15.2 million tonnes in 2006-07 with a value of around $5.2 billion and is on the verge of becoming the world's largest exporter (2016*). (Gas resources by country)

*Australia has more than $180 billion of liquefied natural gas export projects coming online, with developers planning to add about 53 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG production by 2017, an increase that would make the country the world's top LNG exporter.

Chevron Corp and its partners including Exxon Mobil Corp and Royal Dutch Shell  are due to ship will ship the first LNG cargo from the $54 billion Gorgon project in the days or coming weeks. 

Australia is currently undertaking several massive new liquid natural gas developments including Coal Seam Methane to liquid natural gas projects in Queensland and  "natural" Gas projects in NW Australia and the Timor Sea.

Consequently Australia is well described in the global gas industry as the “lucky country” by virtue of its vast low-cost gas resources and investment opportunities.

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Onshore Oil and Gas Research Directory:
This University of Queensland publication catalogues current and recent research investigating the development of natural gas from coal seams and other onshore unconventional reservoirs in Australia. It aims to cover all relevant disciplines, topics and research organisations via a searchable directory.

This 162 page pdf by Energy Quest has the most useful up to date information I've seen on Australia's gas resources.

Australia's gas industry is complex with over 150 companies than can be divided into International Majors, Australian Majors and Juniors- including producers and explorers.


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